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    As the leader in crossbow optics since 2008, Hawke has re-written the rules for what can be expected with crossbow scopes and accessories.

    From a chassis specifically designed to withstand the rigors of crossbows, to reticle systems almost guaranteed to make you a better shot, each and every model is innovative, accurate and reliable.

    The XB30 Pro, XB30 Compacts and XB1 scopes make the most of innovative reticle designs with aim points out to 100 yards/91 metres. The reticle is paired to our vari-speed technology allowing any bow speed to be dialled in to create unsurpassed accuracy. Using the magnification as a calibration tool, shooters can achieve even 10 yard/9 metre increments on virtually any bow shooting up to 475 feet per second (model dependant).

    New for 2018, XB30 Compacts feature a Wide Angle optical system designed to give users the maximum view possible, a locking speed adjuster ring (patent pending) ensures the FPS setting is not changed once zeroed. XB30 Compacts feature a multi-line reticle with aim points out to 100 yards/91 metres incorporating windage bars. The two new models stretch the available magnification to 6 and 8 on the highest FPS setting.

    The 332 illuminated reticle is now re-calibrated to 340 feet per second to better reflect the faster generation of crossbows now available. The reticle also features a range finding bracket system allowing distances to the deer to be easily calculated. Illuminated in red and green the scope is a reliable optic, performing well on all crossbows.

XB30 Pro Optical System

Protected by metal flip-up covers, the XB30 Pro optical system produces exceptional low light performance thanks to its high light transmission 16 layer fully multi-coated lenses.

XB30 Pro Turrets

Highly accurate, 1/2 MOA click, low profile resettable turrets with 30 MOA per revolution coupled with a stepless rheostat allowing infinite adjustment across the illumination range. All the control you'll ever need.

XB30 Pro Speed Adjuster

Adjust the speed selector (zoom) to match the bow speed from 215-450 fps for accurate reticle calibration. Selector features integrated high grip rubber insert.

XB/XB1 Optical System

11 layer fully multi-coated optics provide exceptional performance and light gathering capabilities in low light conditions when game is most active.

XB/XB1 Turrets

Quick and accurate zero is achieved with positive click MOA turrets are protected from the elements with a sealed turret cap.

XB/XB1 Speed Adjuster

For accurate aim points adjust the speed adjuster (zoom) so the reticle matches the ballistic profile of your crossbow. Tune the XB1 to work with bow speeds of 250fps - 425fps.

Crossbow Scopes


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